Think you can’t build a home? Think again.

There’s a common misconception that building a custom home is out of reach for many families. No land available, too much money, too much time…the list can go on and on as to why many people think it’s impossible. But the truth is, it’s not. Will it take time? Yes. Does it have to break the bank? No.

When the recession happened nearly six years ago, the housing market took a huge hit…one that left many wondering if it could ever recover from such turmoil. While the market is still not near its glory days, it is on the right path. And because of that, today’s market is a builder’s market.

Right now, new home construction can be as affordable as buying an existing home. Unlike purchasing other new items, when you build a home, you gain immediate equity — a plus for anyone who understands the value of a home’s worth.

Building a custom home is not for everyone, so you’ll have to ask yourself if this is the right road for you. However, put this into consideration when you’re figuring out the logistics between buying an existing home and building a new one:

Building a custom home is all about you and your ideas. It’s a time for you to sit down and create. Think about it. When you begin the new build process, you’re starting with a blank canvas, just a piece of land. And over time the dirt and grass becomes something wonderful that is filled with every single detail you hand picked — flooring, carpet, paint color, door hinges, cabinets, hardware, archways, light fixtures, crown molding, switch plates. The list is endless and all of it boils down to your vision for your home. And the fun part is, you can experience every moment of it.

Ask any one who has built a home to share their experience with you. It takes time, it takes patience, it requires you to make an effort, but it’s worth it. Building a custom home is an experience…one that Infinity Custom Builders would love to share with you.

— Dan

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